Personal Written Stories

One of my passions I like to share is the stories I have written. While some are short and others are long it’s a rush to jump into a storyline and dictate an event or style how a character is acting. 

I have started a few stories including:

The Train West: A western set in the 1880’s as a worn-out cattle herder boards a train towards the west coast only to be held up in a no name city in eastern Colorado. The character not only tangles with cattle thieves, but the constant steam of prospectors and farmers staking claims and sectioning off acres of land.
Link coming soon

The Summer of Smoke: The lead character arrives just before the first world war with an old newspaper clipping of promise with the now established US Forest Service. His summer curtails a life spent on a mountain, as a lookout scanning endless mountains of forests all the while his past begins to catch up with him
Link Coming Soon

Short Stories
I also have authored a list of short stories that have centered around life growing up in a family of many cousins, childhood freedom, and summers spent forging trails, floating rivers, and staying a step ahead of trouble. 

Links to be added soon: In moving to a different web layout I am in the process of updating each story to scale and to function like an e-book.