About Aaron Maruska

Besides loving the outdoors, I have a passion for Search Engine Marketing. It isn’t the marketing aspect that challenges myself everyday but instead the quest for helping someone learn more than they did before.

My mother growing up built into my brother, sister, and I the notion to never stop learning and to share what you know with others. That information could be the very thing they needed and can make their life that much better.

She spent her life making each one of us who we all are while my father worked taking only brief moments to take us fishing, or to a baseball game. This day I can not look into the mirror and say life was rough growing up, but then again, I am also told I share some of the best childhood stories. Both that education and work ethic is who I am today. 

1993 The Internet that No One Used

My introduction into this passion of teaching and educating others was when I was first presented a classroom debate assignment and no where to turn for authentic, information. While everyone else was reserving the machines with CD-ROM libraries of magazine abstracts, I took a chance and stepped up to the machine that no one showed interest in.  That machine was at the time the only 2 in the whole public library connected to the internet.

Feeding the Need

The information I grabbed from gopher servers and news boards not only got me the grade but soon I was showing others how to access things across the web for their schoolwork. That start has led to building an extensive background from designing, creating web sites, optimizing content from both paid and organic search, to digging deep into analytic in going after the Where, What and How of web site improvement.

From the days of using a library terminal searching endless newsgroups to today’s responsive sites and tracking content the web has always been something I want to be a part of.

While the journey had again lead me to work with some of the most intelligent business minded people it still comes back to how I was raised;  Helping people find what they need, where to go, or solve a problem. While I can say my college, background is in e-commerce and e-marketing, my career is educating using the influence of digital marketing.