Aaron’s First Notebook Entry

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Before I start adding more content to the notebook as well as the whole website first let me add a test post to the notebook page.  This way not only can it show I know what I am doing but also serve as an anchor post in getting things where they need to be.

Fire Lookouts & My Fascination with These Buildings of Yesterday

Aaron Maruska at Suntop Lookout

To kick things off here is a picture of me at Sun top Lookout.  Fire lookouts have always fascinated me and if it was 60 years ago I am sure this would be a job I would want to have.

The solitude of watching over miles and miles of forest covered mountains,  and greeting those who dare make the trek up the hill I am sure it would have been a true outdoors-mans life.

Though I have heard there are less than 100 left in the state of Washington still I could only imagine living in one of these for a whole summer with nothing more than an old phone tacked to the wall as a contact to the outside world.  Other lookouts I have visited have been Nason Ridge / Alpine Lookout,  Sugarloaf,  Badger Mountain (now at the Columbia Breaks fire Interpretive Center, Entiat and Stampede Pass ( Now at Camp Waskowitiz Outdoor School & WELS).   I hope one day to add to this list as these places are beyond something out of yesteryear.