Back to the Outdoors – Days 1, 2 & 3

The Journey in Returning into Hiking Form

“How hard it is to realize what you want can’t be done overnight but can be done over a lifetime.”

For the last 3 days each morning Point Defiance Park has welcome and accepted itself as a place to become a reality for me again. A place not to just love the outdoors but to become part of the outdoors again. While I look east and see the Cascades on one side of the horizon and west to see the Olympics on the side I can only smile knowing that those peaks are bearing witness towards my goal.

The Trails Starting Out

Day 1– Promenade – starting slow I have visions of running this trail from the past but this time it’s about getting back up to speed than killing myself. For the first time in my life I was worried about not having enough water as well as it getting too warm to stomach my 3 mile journey. But age give way to spirit and down and back seemed to breeze by.

Wildlife – seen included a harbor seal, ducks, sea gulls and countless minnows jumping along the shoreline.

triangle trail pt defiance park tacoma

Day 2– Triangle Trail – I had walked / hiked this trail before while being chased by a thunderstorm so this time it walking it in the morning seemed like a better opportunity than a later August afternoon.

This trail never fails to disappoint and really brings my mind into focus on why I love the outdoors. It must had been trail running day as I was met by several well-tuned, runners that made me just stirred up the desire to meet my goal even more.

Wildlife –Birds, squirrels and a coyote (surprised me) along the trail. With the weather turning wet this week I can’t wait to enter a forest full of dampness.

Aaron Maruska Triangle Trail Image

Day 3 – Triangle trail. Same trail as the day before but with a goal to do it faster. I actually went for wearing lighter clothes today as well as swapped out my shoes for a pair of runners. We’ll all those were good decisions rolling my ankle 3 different times wasn’t something I can say I am proud of. Less people on the trail today only seeing 2 others, still breathing in the forest always seems to pick my spirits up. In regards to time I was able to shave some time off from the day before but the trade off a right ankle that seems to want to work against me as well as working on a blister. (I running shoes still need some more use)
Wildlife – Birds squirrels (same as yesterday) and deer. The deer made an appearance for the first time in my fitness journey. I am thinking for tomorrow an evening hike maybe more in order. Still waiting also for the rain to show-up.

(I will smile next image as well as next post)

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