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I Say Aloha and Welcome

Who Am I

My name is Aaron Maruska and sometimes taking a website from one host to another a simple task becomes a project.  So while I reinvent the wheel here let me share some brief background and how I became who I am and what I love to do.


About Me Briefly

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.John Muir

As an avid hiker, fisherman and outdoor enthusiast there is no better place to grow up and live than in the great state of Washington. While those scorn winters rain drops or what seems endless days gray, from the pacific to the desert this place I call home is like nothing else.

Besides the outdoors my other calling is helping those convey their message digitally. Digital marketing, I feel fits my passions perfectly from baiting a hook with content, hooking that visitor and landing success for both the website and end user. Re create that again and again and soon you come out of the forest and onto a mountain top of success. It’s cornball story but I am successful with what I do and love to share that success with everyone.

The final piece of myself and you will find here on my site is current and past short stories I have written. Some date back to my college days while others are more recent either way what started as an email list years ago has dwarfed into a hobby. They are ruff but still like to share my work. (I will be posting them as once I get things shuffled back around here.

So, look around at both my professional works as well as my personal works